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Packaging can make or break a brand, especially when dealing with fluids and pastes. It might be one of the easiest parts of production, but its proper execution requires precision at every step, from choosing the right liquid packaging filling machine, to choosing the right pouch designs. Although pouches should naturally come last, you will be surprised at how much interdependence exists between the nature of the filling item, the filling machine, and the pouches. Here are some tipoffs to get you started in the food-filling business.

Choosing a Filling Machine

Distinguishing between different filling machines can be a challenge, especially if you are unfamiliar with the industry jargon. Luckily, we offer a multi-purpose liquid filling machine, dubbed the Liquid Master, that can handle all your food packaging needs. The Liquid Master offers four different filling options, which can be used intercheablly, depending on situational needs including your choice of pouches for packing food. They include a Positive Displacement Pump, Piston Pump, Combination Scale, and Bucket Elevator. Each of these options is best suited to specific filling needs that may be determined by:

  • The type of product to be packaged.
  • The design of package pouches to be used.
  • The scale and rate of packaging.

Here is how each of Liquid Master’s filling options defers:

Positive Displacement Pump

The Positive Displacement Pumps makes a perfect liquid packaging filling machine for handling food. It is good at filling highly viscous fluids such as oil, resins, paint, and those that contain fragile solid fragments. The machine is preferable in situations where high-pressure output is needed. It can maintain constant flow at different speeds regardless of the discharge pressure. It will also enable you to accurately measure servings.

Piston Pump

Piston Pumps are highly accurate volumetric filling machines good at filling products that have particulates which include many types of food. The machine retracts its pistons from its cylinders to pull in the product, and pushes them forward to the containers, in a continuous cycle with high accuracy. The Piston Pump is also good for filling products such as soaps, salsa, and salad dressings.

Combination Scale

A combination scale also referred to as a multi-head weigher, offers two main advantages; speed and accuracy. A typical combination scale can have anything between 10 to 24 buckets, which fill according to instructions fed into its software. The buckets also vary in size depending on the product and fill amount. A combination scale is ideal for filling items such as pet food, cereal, and bakery.

Bucket Elevator

The bucket elevator comes in handy when dealing with wet and sticky materials. It is also the preferred method for packaging huge chanks. The bucket elevator securely transports fluids along vertical paths. Its buckets can vary in design and material, and move at specific speeds depending on the material being handled.

Choose the Right Pouches for Packaging Food

Whether you are in business or just packaging for home use, your choice of pouches is paramount to how effective the process becomes. We offer myriad types of pouches for packaging food that come in different shapes and sizes with different sealing styles ranging from zippers to 4-conner seal, to fold-over-and-tape, to tin tie. Regardless, the right choice of pouch depends on whether it:

  • Protects the internal contents from external damage or contamination.
  • Is easy to open and handle.
  • Retains the initial form of its contents.

The Liquid Master is a good starter pack for newbies to familiarize themselves with food-filling machines. But it also makes the perfect all-in-one package for professionals with multiple filling needs. Understanding the filling machines and pouches listed in this article gives you the backbone understanding of how food filling and packaging works, but you have myriad other options at your disposal.