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Innovative Flexible Packaging Equipment Solutions for an Extensive Range of Products and Bag Styles

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Black Forest LiquidMaster

Black Forest Packaging Machines

Liquid, Viscous, Solid Products
Single, Dual, Multi-Component Fills
Frozen to 212°+ Product Temperatures
2 oz. to 5 Gallon Bag Size Range
Fitment Capable
Stainless Steel Washdown Design

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Wolf VPC 250 2

Wolf Packaging Machines

Powder, Granules, Solid Products
Single, Dual Multi-Component Fills
Frozen to Ambient to Hot Product Temperatures
2″ to 25.5″ Bag Width Range
Valve/Fitment Capable
Painted or Stainless Steel Washdown Design
Intermittent or Continuous-Motion

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Product Packaging Solutions

It’s not like you’ll sell food products without getting them packaged. Nothing is possible without product packaging solutions that are supposed to be around the corner to ensure a seamless process of handing the purchased goods to the buyer.

Now no more hassles as you can connect with Black Forest Packaging Solutions, LLC, which comes with reliable packaging solutions in the USA. We are the leading packaging machine manufacturers in USA, with certified and experienced professionals involved in operations and taking care of quality aspects. As the manufacturer of packaging machines for many years, we have several clients to whom we have offered packaging solutions to perfection and continuously enhanced our business successfully.

Black Forest Packaging Solutions, LLC is a reputed packaging machine manufacturer and is competent in offering packaging solutions for wholesale food products of different categories. As each category of food items requires another packaging, we are sure you’ll be eager to know about the black forest packaging solutions products. We indeed look upon ourselves as the reputed packaging solution provider company. Even If there is a need for powder packaging solutions, we are the one-stop solution to fulfill the same.

Food Products and Eateries

Packaging Solutions

Liquid, Viscous & Solid Products

Normal Pillow Bag


Pillow Bag with Zipper



Gusseted Pillow Bag


Flat Bottom Bag



Flat Bottom Bag with Zipper &

Stabil-Pack Bag (4-corner seal)

Snack Foods

Powders & Granules

Doy Pouch &

Doy Pouch with Zipper



3 Side Seal Bag &

4 Side Seal Bag


Rice & Grains

Special Bag Top Carry Handle


Special Bag Top Fold Over & Tape



Dry Beans

Special Bag Top Fold Over & Glue


Special Bag Top Fold Over & Tin Tie

Fresh Produce


Coffee Valve Bag &

Hole Punch


Black Forest Packaging Solutions, LLC has gained a reputation as the packaging machine manufacturer in the USA as our equipment are competent to serve several wholesalers and distributors seeking packaging solution for food products. Our team receives orders for packaging machines consistently as it is gaining huge demand among grocery stores and dairy farms to perform packaging as per quality standards.

We ensure guaranteed packaging solutions by making you learn the optimum equipment usage, starting from guiding you through the installation process, startup/initiation of the packaging machine, and training support to customers post installation at their store. Our manufacturing team provides spare part supply to ensure the working of the packaging machine as its performance remains intact with timely servicing by our certified technicians.

Our good communication with customers and imparting accurate knowledge about the usage of packaging machines made with diligent application engineering give us an edge over competitors. We believe in establishing long lasting relationships with our customers through the customer support that lasts through the life cycle of packaging machinery since the equipment installation at your location.