July 2014

Black Forest installs the LiquidMaster 250 in a poultry plant to run 5 and 10 pound bags of fresh marinated chicken in a 1 part fill

July 2014 – Black Forest Packaging Solutions has installed the LiquidMaster 250 at poultry plant in Dudley, NC to run fresh marinated chicken (injection and tumbled).  The machine produces chicken bites, piece medley, tenders, and split breasts in 5 pound bags up to 50 bpm and 10 pound bags up to 35 bpm with precise filling accuracies.

Being a very messy product to run on a VFFS machine, the unique squeeze rollers solved the problem of chicken, juices, and marinade being in the seal area which results in product in the seals and leakers.  Positioned above the jaws, the squeeze rollers clean the seal area of contaminants enabling the machine to produce robust horizontal seals.  In addition, the squeeze rollers remove air from the bag to minimize head space, reduce film usage, and provide consistent bags for trouble-free case packing.

Featuring IP69K rated components, the machine is designed to withstand the harsh plant environments typically found in poultry operations.  This is a one-part fill incorporating an Ishida 14-head large capacity screw feed scale mounted above the bagger.

About Black Forest Packaging Solutions

Backed by over 25-years of manufacturing V/F/F/S machines and related equipment and over 5,000 machines installed worldwide, we pioneered the continuous-motion technology for filling bulk liquid/viscous/solid products into flexible bags.

Our engineering design philosophy is to build machines of the highest quality and reliability with a minimization of components.  We combine industry-leading technology with rugged construction to deliver our customers maximum machine uptime.

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