January 2012

Black Forest introduces the Liquid Master VVFS machine for running hot or cold liquid, viscous, or solid products in single, dual, or multi-component fills

January 2012 – Black Forest Packaging Solutions introduces the LiquidMaster®, its newest generation all-servo, continuous-motion, stainless steel, washdown vertical form, fill, and seal machine designed to handle hot or cold liquid, viscous, and solid products such as soups, sauces, dressings, condiments, sauerkraut, vegetables, and fresh marinated meats in single, dual, or multi-component fills. By incorporating a unique squeeze roller design, it removes air from the bag to minimize head space and provides a clean sealing area for the horizontal jaws to prevent leakers. It features high output speeds of 100+ pillow bags per minute, precise filling accuracies, rugged construction to withstand harsh plant environments, easy-access open design for changeovers, cleaning, and maintenance, and can be integrated with a single filler or combination of fillers such as pumps and scales. The machine utilizes Allen-Bradley controls, is fitment capable, comes in two size ranges to provide maximum flexibility to run small portion bags up to 5 gallon bags, and there are no film supplier restrictions.

About Black Forest Packaging Solutions
Backed by over 25-years of manufacturing V/F/F/S machines and related equipment and over 5,000 machines installed worldwide, we pioneered the continuous-motion technology for filling bulk liquid/viscous/solid products into flexible bags.

Our engineering design philosophy is to build machines of the highest quality and reliability with a minimization of components. We combine industry-leading technology with rugged construction to deliver our customers maximum machine uptime.

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