August 2012

Black Forest installs the LiquidMaster 250 at BD&K Foods to run 1 to 8 pound bags of various fully cooked and seasoned southern-style vegetables and other foods in 1 to 4 part fills

August 2012 – Black Forest Packaging Solutions has installed the LiquidMaster 250 at BD&K Foods in Columbus, GA to run pillow bags of various fully cooked and seasoned southern-style vegetables and other foods.

Vegetable products include okra & tomatoes, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, kernel corn, black eye peas, green beans, and turnip greens; and the other products include a gumbo base, macaroni & cheese, and rice.

The machine is integrated with an Ishida combination scale, Waukesha continuous-motion pump, and a piston pump, and has the ability to run anywhere from one-part to four-part fills with precise filling accuracies.

When running lima beans in a four-part fill configuration, the scale is split and one half runs the beans, and the other half runs chunks of ham.  The Waukesha pump delivers the bulk liquid broth, and the piston pump dispenses 3 ounces of rendered fat.

Product fill temperatures are 170-185°, and sizes range from 1 to 8 pounds.  In a one-part fill configuration, the 1 and 3 pound bags run at 50-60 bpm, and the 6 pound bags at 30-40 bpm.  In a two and three-part fill configuration, the 1 pound bags run at 40-45 bpm, 3 pound bags at 35-40 bpm, 6 pound bags at 30-35 bpm, and 8 pound bags at 25-30 bpm.  The 1 pound lima beans run at 40-45 bpm in a four-part fill configuration.

About Black Forest Packaging Solutions

Backed by over 25-years of manufacturing V/F/F/S machines and related equipment and over 5,000 machines installed worldwide, we pioneered the continuous-motion technology for filling bulk liquid/viscous/solid products into flexible bags.

Our engineering design philosophy is to build machines of the highest quality and reliability with a minimization of components.  We combine industry-leading technology with rugged construction to deliver our customers maximum machine uptime.

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